The Polices and Practices of Transforming the Organizational Culture of a Law Enforcement Agency in Bulgaria

For over 25 years now, efforts have been made in Bulgaria to transform the patterns of state functioning and social behavior, as well as the essence of national institutions. The transition from totalitarianism to democracy introduced the theme of change. On the one hand, it featured the constitutional changes in the characteristics and types of authorities, as well as their relationships within the state…..Find out more »

The Stranger is a Stranger only from Afar: an interactive model of group work with issues, linked to ethnicity, stigmatization and tolerance

This study reflects the authors’ experience with leading 5 training events open to Roma and Bulgarian professionals and volunteers on the living situation of Roma women victims of domestic violence. These two-day-long workshops were meant to explore the specific ways in which representatives of both ethnic groups co-create their group identities in a stable opposition to the ‘dangerous other’.   ….Find out more »