Individual Supervision in Organizational Setting Series

This is the opening seminar of the Individual Supervision in Organizational Setting Series and will be hosted by PGI in Sofia on Jan 26th-28th, 2018. It will built on the Introductory seminar on Supervision and Organisational Consulting to offer a year-long training of 90 academic hours and a certificate acknowledged by ANSE.

The seminar is open to professionals who are in consulting or training capacity in their psycho-social, educational, organizational or corporate field of work.

It will be led by Elizabeth Alder, a training supervisor and a leader of seminars on supervision and organizational counseling at the Austrian Institute for Group Therapy and Group Dynamics, Head of Section and Head of Training until March 2013; a training supervisor, leading seminars and supervisor training in Ukraine; a co-supervisor and supervisor (Austrian Supervisory Society) and a consultant to the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

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