The PGI team is committed to consistently studying the relationships, development and transformations in social systems: organizations, communities, groups, etc. Our ambition is to develop a body of theoretical knowledge and to find practical answers to contemporary challenges in:

  • management and leadership;
  • emotional life of individuals in organizations;
  • Intergroup and inter-community relationships;
  • policy implementation and civic participation.

Our research methodology includes the technologies of action research and pieces together sociological, psychological, psychoanalytic and other scholarly paradigms into research approaches such as psycho-social research and socio-analysis; systemic organizational and role analysis; experiential, reflexive and visual exploratory methods. This type of research is often integral part of larger initiatives along the lines of management consulting, team supervision, or training groups of professionals or citizens.

What we offer organization wise:

  • Monitoring, external independent evaluation and planning of programs and services in the field of health, education, social work, etc.
  • Assessing operational structure, organizational culture and management (open to businesses, public institutions, nonprofit organizations).
  • Staff evaluation: selection, motivation, relevance to task and professional role, etc.
  • Research project consulting/drafting: design, methodology, data analysis.

What we offer policy wise:

  • Policy analysis and planning policy action programs.
  • Studying intragroup, intergroup and community relations.
  • Developing civic participation strategies and tracking their implementation.

For further details: Antoaneta Mateeva, Research Coordinator,