PGI Board of Trustees

Zlatko Teoharov, Chairman
Ivan K. Ivanov, PhD, Board member

PGI Experts

Adelina Todorovska

MA in Psychology (St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia), psychodrama-therapist and leader of groups for personal development, trainer at training events and seminars open to state organizations, private companies and educational institutions. A professional with consulting and therapeutic practice. A co-founder of Psychotherapy 2000 Foundation. Member of the Bulgarian Society for Psychodrama and Group Therapy, and a Board member of the Bulgarian Gestalt Therapy Institute. With publications in Bulgarian.

Antoaneta Mateeva, PhD

MA in Clinical Social Work (NBU) and Ph.D. inf Psycho-Social Studies (University of West Anglia). A Lecturer at the Department of Health and Social Work, NBU. Consults and supervises processes of development and change in organizations from the public sector, the businesses, the helping professions and in the field of education. Member of the International Society for Psychoanalytic Studies of Organizations) and the Society for the Promotion of the Understanding of Society).

Desislava Morozova

A lecturer at NBU, works in the field of art psychology, art and psychological character development, the role of architectural environment in the psychotherapeutic process. Develops the theory and practice of the viewer-centered art therapy. Joint theoretical and practically oriented projects in the field of psychodrama with Zlatko Teoharov. Author and leader of long-term artistic psycho-social projects. Leading individual sessions on the ecology of personality development.

Ivan K. Ivanov, PhD

MA in Clinical and Social Psychology ( St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia). An individual therapist and trainer in the group-dynamic approach. An experienced organizational consultant to NGOs and political leadership. A Consultant to a number of research projects in the field of community development and institutional reforms.

Peter Tsikalov

MA n Artistic Psycho-social Practices, (NBU) a psychodrama-therapist and a trainer. A member of the Bulgarian Association of Psychodrama and Group Therapy and the Bulgarian Association of Psychotherapy. A founding Board member of DEA Institute. A consultant at the Children’s Academy of Sciences, Arts and Sports. Professional interests in counseling and psychotherapy for children, adults, families and parents, training psychodrama groups and groups for personal development.

Tsviatko Georgiev

MA in History and Geography, LLM, with professional qualification in Psychotherapy and Consulting. A certified mediator and consultant-psychotherapist, registered in the Unified Register of Mediators at the Ministry of Justice. With research interests in the field of narrative psychology, analysis of unrecognized psychological activity and psychodynamics in consultative and therapeutic practices, as well as in the area of helping professions. PGI founder.

Vania Nedialkova

MA in British and American Studies  (St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia), MA in Artistic Psycho-social Practices (NBU), trained as a psychodrama therapist (Psychotherapy 2000 Foundation) and a group analyst (SFU). Expertise in the field of training, counseling, psycho-social work and project management. Published translations in Bulgarian and English.

Zlatko Teoharov

A psychodrama-therapist (founding Board member of DEA Training Institute), a group psychoanalyst and group leader at IAG Bonn, Germany, a lecturer at NBU (Artistic psycho-social practices and psychodrama) in Sofia, and at EFHD in Darmstad, Germany. With individual group and family practice as psychotherapist. A member of the Bulgarian Association of Psychodrama and Group Therapy and the Bulgarian Association of Psychotherapy. Board Chair, Psychology of Groups Institute. Translations and publications in Bulgarian and German in the field of psychotherapy, psycho-social practice and philosophy.