PGI training activities are informed by our understanding of the emotional, interactive and analytic aspects in the process of learning and finding meaning. They offer learning from personal experience, feedback on emotions in the process of relating to new knowledge, and reflection and analysis of group processes and group dynamics, etc.

Experiential learning

  • Through reflection and in search for meaning: knowledge is how we map the world. Practice-based learning is not just about getting new knowledge, it is about reframing it so that new challenges and problems become manageable.
  • Through emotional involvement: knowing things inside out is about experiencing knowledge and relating to it personally. Topics from learners’ experience and practice are welcome.
  • Practice-oriented: When I do things, I understand them: action methods and experiential learning are at the core of our training.

Reflection and analysis of group work and dynamics

  • What are the group themes and events content-wise?
  • What are the group processes and the group structure?
  • What is the level of group cohesion?
  • What is the stage of group development: how does it affect what is going on inside the group?
  • What roles do the participants have: how do these roles fit together?

For further details: Vania Nedialkova, Training Coordinator,