Organizational Consulting is an opportunity open to individuals and teams whose work-related responsibilities include managing people, teams, projects or organizations. It enables them to explore their professional roles and functions in the light of their personal attitudes, ideas, and emotions. Consultants look into the way clients experience work-related intentions, individual and team performance requirements, internal resistance and concerns, and assists well-informed and well-reasoned decision making. The psychodynamic and systemic paradigms are key to this approach. They consider emotions and subjectivity as basic components of social role taking and decision-making processes. Further, they describe the immediate context and the idea about ‘the other’ as defining the margins of how successful joint efforts may be.

In a series of individual or group meetings, organizational problems are clarified, solutions are formulated, alternatives are sought, new work practices are integrated. Management consultations are often sought because of organizational difficulties, labor disputes, ideas for restructuring or integration and the development of new working practices. The subject of consultations usually focuses on: restructuring and development projects, possible management contributions, new ways to improve organizational efficiency, etc. Consultations are confidential and on a regular basis. They improve managers’ ability to better understand their work tasks, leadership style, their concerns and feelings as leaders, the changing contexts and competencies linked to working with people and improving their motivation.

Consultations are available in both individual and group format.

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