Introductory Seminar on Group Dynamics

An Introductory Seminar on Group Dynamics was hosted by PGI in Sofia on Sept 28th-30th, 2017. The seminar was open to professionals who are in consulting or training capacity in their psycho-social, educational, organizational or corporate field of work.

Its purpose is to introduce participants to experiencing and understanding group dynamics: to promote interactive social learning, and reflection in small group format, as well as to assist participants in acquiring personal experience in groups and teach them to learn through experience.

The Seminar was led by Cornelia Kohlross-Gittenberger and Heinz Baumann, members of ÖAGG (the Austrian Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Dynamics).It was founded by Raoul Schindler whose contribution to the theory of groups is internationally acknowledged. The Austrian Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Dynamics is the largest psychotheraputictraining organization in Austria, and a member of WCP (the World Council for Psychotherapy) and IAGP (the International Association for Group Psychotherapy).
Seminar participants received a Certificate of Participation by ÖAGG and PGI. Further they will have the opportunity to join a two-year long training group and upon completion be certified as trainers in group dynamics by ÖAGG and PGI.