Elements of Relational Group Psychotherapy

The lecture of Prof. Peter Potthoff on Elements of Relational Group Psychotherapy was the first public event hosted by the Psychology of Groups Institute at the Central Military Club in Sofia on Nov 5th, 2016.

Bridging the ideas of Foulkes on group analysis, intersubjective in their design, and the contemporary intersubjective relational concepts was key to his presentation. Decades of opposition, and at times, of fierce rivalry seem to have brought the professional community closer to meaningful integrative efforts and mutual enrichment. Prof. Potoff put the theoretical bedrock of modern psychoanalysis into the perspective of group analysis, with clinical case studies to support his findings.

Dr. Peter Potthoff is a psychiatrist, a psychotherapist, an individual and group psychoanalyst and training analyst. In 2015 he replaced Josef Shaked as leading the ‘larger group’ in the group analysis workshops at the IAG Training Institute in Bonn certainly the most established initiative of its kind in the German speaking world. His publications feature topics liked to intersubjectivity in psychoanalysis and group analysis, mentalizaton-based individual and group therapy, supervision at psychiatric institutions, sexual harassment, etc.