Established in 2016, the Psychology of Groups Institute is a research institute for psychology, psychotherapy and social research, with a partnership network in the country and abroad.

We use scholarly research, psychological and psychotherapeutic work to explore the causes and functions of mental distress and illness in their individual and social aspects. This is our way to contribute to further developments in the field of group psychology and psychotherapy as a body of theoretical knowledge, a form of therapy and social psychology. Responding to a growing interest by social, cultural and political agents in spotting opportunities to reflect on their organizational dynamics, we offer supervision, consulting and crisis interventions to groups, organizations and communities.

In our work we follow the intersubjective paradigm in psychology and psychotherapy:human relationships are viewed as the reciprocal interaction of subjective systems, each with their specific organization. Its sobering effect on helping professionals make them quite valuable: they strip social roles – like trainers, therapists and researchers – of their usual, yet seeming authority and power, and acknowledge the contributions of all participants in the social situation.